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Links on Columns do not open with Column Permissions


I deployed the solution in my site collection and see the options under the Permissions and Management section. If I click on the View Permissions everything works fine. When I click on the Column Permissions I see the Columns; however clicking on the columns to edit it results in nothing happening, passing the mouse over the column link I see it is pointing to the correct place.

We are using SharePoint 2010 Enterprise version 14.0.6029.1000. and the solution has been activated for the Web Application and Site collection.

I followed the installation steps listed on the website, shown below.

  1. It will be better if you disable any other solutions which you use for column & view permission
  2. Download the wsp file.
  3. Everything needed is included in wsp file so you just only need to Install it.
    Management Shell:
    • Add-SPSolution c:\SPGuysCustomFieldPermission.wsp
  4. After Successful Installation Deploy it from Central Administration to your Site Collection or from
    Management Shell:
    • Install-SPSolution –Identity SPGuysCustomFieldPermission.wsp –WebApplication http://intranet –GACDeployment
  5. Activate it on Site Collection.
  6. Done.